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quarta-feira, julho 28, 2010

nota: consumidor

Cada nota é um boletim de voto.

terça-feira, julho 20, 2010

Call for programs: Radio Futura !


91.5 FM Porto &

The official FuturePlaces radio station

October 12-16, 2010

Digital media and local cultures intersect at FuturePlaces in Porto, bringing discussion and pratice to a common table. RadioFutura will be the place to find this intersection in the radio space, directly on your receiver at 91.5MHz in Porto or listening online.

This is a call for works to be streamed and broadcasted on RadioFutura under the motto “Digital media and local cultures”. We believe the future of radio is Local. Come and participate!

We´re looking for pre-recorded programs of 30 min. to one hour or, if you’re brave enough, live broadcast through streaming or from our temporary studios in the city of Porto.

You can submit any kind of program, as long as it is connected to radio digital culture and/or local cultures in any way.










Deadline for submitting your proposals is: August 31, 2010

Send your proposals as mp3 files (or links), with a brief description. If you want to do it live, by webstream or in Porto, please send it has proposal/rough draft and technical rider.

Radio Futura is a joint venture between FuturePlaces and Rádio Zero.

FuturePlaces 2010 is an international digital media festival focusing on the potential of digital media to change local cultures and societies. It does so by exploring digital culture in its many forms: from concerts to exhibitions and competitions, from workshops to parties, from conferences to film screenings.

Rádio Zero is a university radio in Lisbon, Portugal, streaming 24/7 on the web and promoting free access to broadcasting. It instigates and promotes unorthodox or exploratory uses of radio, as content, form or technology and is one of the founding partners of Radia. Every two years if makes an Internacional Radio Art Festival in Lisboa, RadiaLx.

See/hear you in Porto (and in the ether) in October !

[Apontamento] Radio Futura

segunda-feira, julho 19, 2010

Yuri's Night 2010

Before Yuri Gagarin headed into the small Vostok capsule on his way to space, mankind's imagination already had extended its blind fingers trying to touch far away into the sky. On April 12th Yuri's Night was celebrated, the awakening of Yuri Gagarin who, while being tied up umbilically to gravity, was the first human to have consciousness of how fragile and small our blue planet is. To look from outside is a fundamental process for comprehension. To walk the path to the stars will be part of another mandatory process for us as a species in our way to knowledge and survival, escaping from the day earth will be devoured by the sun.

Luís Antero composed this piece for Yuri's Night celebration on 2010 as promoted in Lisbon by Radio Zero as a dedication to Yuri Gagarin and was broadcasted the night of 04/12/2010. An elevator could take us far away if we just close our eyes…

[Apontamento] Radio Yuri

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